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Autotune ableton live 9 suite free download. The Best Free Autotune VST Plugins for Musicians, Vocalists & Producers

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Autotune ableton live 9 suite free download


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Software Downloads – Antares


Autotune is an essential music production tool nowadays. It’s mostly autotune ableton live 9 suite free download as a pitch correction tool, to smooth out the errors in a vocal performance, making the performance sound more in key. It can be used for a heavy T-Pain style effect, and can also be used to smooth out vocal performances subtly.

Although autotune is mostly a vocal editing tool, it’s not limited to it. You can run samples through autotune нажмите чтобы перейти change the key, and paid plugins like Melodyne and Antares Auto Tune allow you to individually select notes and change them.

However, these tools can set you back a pretty penny. So, that’s why in this article we’re covering the best free auto tune plugins available in We’ve made sure to include the most autotune ableton live 9 suite free download rich free autotune plugins, and a wide range of options for both Mac and Windows users. Whatever your pitch correction needs are, you’ll leave this article with a free Antares auto-tune alternative that will help you achieve what you need. Autotune is an effect that’s used to correct out of key vocal takes, and was invented by Antares in Since then Antares have trademarked the Autotune name, but there are many other pitch correction tools out there that do the same thing.

You can get some pretty great free and paid pitch correction plugins that will do a similar thing to the original Antares Autotune. And, most will основываясь на этих данных you that hard-tuned sound you’re looking for.

Autotune is best used on vocals, but you can use it on instrument takes, and in sound design for some awesome creative possibilities. Autotune is a live pitch correction for an audio signal of your choice. It’s commonly used on vocals to get a pitch perfect sound, but can be used on a number of instruments, melodies or chords. It’s a mixing tool that helps to even out recordings that aren’t entirely in key, by pitch shifting them in real-time.

This is the most common use for autotune, but isn’t the only area you will see it getting used. You can find autotune being used on Indie music, Rock, RnB, Pop and so many other genres, because it’s an extremely useful tool.

Autotune is used to put out of key performances in the right key, by pitch shifting in real-time. Free autotune plugins are great, and they will cover your basic needs. If you want a hard-tuned sound, then you’ll be fine with any free autotune plugin. However, if you want more transparent vocal correction, you’ll need to invest in a paid plugin like Melodyne or Autotune.

The top 3 plugins on this list are great at pitch detection as you’ll hear when you hear my terrible signing in the examplesand work perfectly for a hard-tuned and even transparent sound. Some of the plugins below number 3, will start to get the pitch detection wrong, and the controls won’t be as useful.

If you want greater control over your vocal editing, it’s best to invest in something like Melodyne or Antares Auto-Tune. These will allow you to change the pitch of individual notes using a MIDI roll, completely change a sample’s key, change the time, and even detect and remove sibilances. A paid autotune plugin is going to be much, much better for professionals.

Here’s the complete list of the best free autotune VST plugins updated for For more software goodies, check out our huge list of free vst plugins. Graillon 2 is hands down the best gratis autotune VST on the market and is one of the only plugins that offers compatibility for VST3. There are also a tonne of controls for Graillon 2 that you can use to effortlessly fine tune your vocal sound further.

For instance, if you wanted more accurate results, you could lock Graillon windows 10 pro version free to a particular set of notes, or scale. You could also use the formant shifting to preserve the original tone of your performance, while still transposing it.

Whether you want to make throat like, robotic sounds, enrich a vocal performance, or even use it for sound design on instruments — Graillon 2 can do it all.

It can also apply subtle autotune to help slightly out of key signers remain in key, sounding fairly natural. Unlike the other free autotune plugins, Voloco is also available on eclipse windows 64 bit and adds a bit more than just autotune to your audio signal in the app. It can be useful to get the app because there’s a lot more options creatively, and you can save audio from it, then airdrop it to your Mac for editing later.

It’s not the best free autotune VST, but Voloco is definitely worth downloading for creative purposes, rather than clinical mixing alterations. You can download it перейти на страницу the Voloco website. Voloco is fantastic for hard tuning effects, but doesn’t do too well on the natural tuning side.

You have multiple settings on Voloco you can choose from including a Vocoder, Hard Tune, and even an Alien Voice приведу ссылку. MAutoPitch is a free pitch correction plugin by MeldaProductionthat just had to be on our list. Check out our full, in-depth review of MAutoPitch for a bigger overview of why it’s so good. Even though we’ve placed it 3rd, don’t let that fool you.

MAutoPitch is an extremely capable autotune VST plugin, offering almost the exact same pitch correction features as Graillon 2, but with a bit extra included.

But, it’s a pain to install. It’s actually more of an annoying process to remove the plugins you don’t want, and then you’ve got the added extra MAudio bloatware that’s mb of space. If you do want the full suite, a lot of the MeldaProduction range are extremely good free plugins that can help improve your mixes. But, a lot of the time, having that many plugins, just gets in the of what you’re supposed to autotune ableton live 9 suite free download doing — making music.

Formants shifting is a pretty wicked feature that MAutoPitch has over Graillon 2. If you alter this too much though, it will sound plain awful. Pick it up this free pitch correction device, from MeldaProduction’s website as part of their 37 autotune ableton live 9 suite free download creative FX plugins pack.

MAutoPitch is great at both больше информации tuning and natural autotune sound. It’s also pretty great at picking up the pitch and correcting it properly.

Not all free autotune plugins are as good at this, and can often reassign notes wrongly. Here is a before an after sound example of MAutoPitch free autotune plugin:. Imagine a scenario where you want to auto tune the vocalist, but you’re not sure what autotune ableton live 9 suite free download you need autotune ableton live 9 suite free download be locked into, or when you choose a scale — it just sounds a bit off. Unlike the other free autotune plugins on this list, источник shows you how much it’s correcting the notes by.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t have any option for formant shifting, or preserving the quality through formants. One thing that GSnap does have, that the others don’t, is a vibrato control. This can be pretty cool if used correctly in certain situations. GSnap is ссылка на подробности great pitch correction VST to try out and add to your collection. GSnap isn’t as good at detecting pitch as the others on this list, and often corrects things out of key.

Some of it will be in key, and other parts will be out. Maybe this is due to having to tweak a lot more settings, but it’s pitch detection and sound isn’t a patch of Graillon or Voloco.

One thing to note is that GSnap tends to crash a lot on Windows. It’s kind of annoying when you’re trying to work. KeroVee is free autotune software that was created by a Japanese developer: gkg, which is similar to GSnap. In KeroVee you’re able to choose from a list of scales to snap pitch to, or choose the notes you want to tune to individually. It includes pretty much everything you’d expect it in a pitch correction plugin, по этой ссылке most of the features found in the previously listed autotune plugins autotune ableton live 9 suite free download this list.

However, KeroVee has a few more features for control. As you can see, you have a vast selection of scales to choose from, alongside a huge selection of knobs. KeroVee gives you control for natural or robotic like sounding autotunethe ability to change tune speedallowing for more hard tuned or natural sounding effects, and a master calibration knob that is automatically set to Hz. Each Tone knob has volume and panning as well, and it sounds like it is controlling the tone of the autotune, applying what we think is subtle tube saturation to vocals.

The GUI autotune ableton live 9 suite free download pretty basic and honestly doesn’t look the best. The usability of the plugin is also flawed as opposed to the others on this list. KeroVee still produces that autotune sound you’re looking for extremely well, and has better control autotune ableton live 9 suite free download GSnap, but is only bit. KeroVee produces a really nice autotune sound, and the Tone control sounds fantastic. It adds a nice, almost tube style saturation effect to vocals, and gives them a little bit of bite.

It’s great at picking up the pitch and locking it in autotune ableton live 9 suite free download, so you’ll never go out of key too. You can use KeroVee for natural or hard tuning effects, and it’s a great pick if you’re on Windows that contends pretty well with the above. The page says it’s a VST, but upon downloading and installing the plugin you can only choose LV2, or Jack file formats.

This means you could open the plugin as a Standalone application, but it only works as a plugin in Linux environments. The main difference between the X42 and the other plugins listed above, is that it’s better used in a situation where you need a bit of fine tuning, rather than a full Cher-like robotic sounding voice.

It has most of the controls you’d expect on a free version of autotune, but comes with some added benefits over the ones above also some drawbacks we’ll explain later. You can download this free pitch correction tool over on X42’s website.

X42 is a pretty good piece of kit, and can apply autotune that is heavy or even natural. It’s pretty good at the natural tuning, and we were quite surprised at the capability of this plugin. We’ve left a video from unfa below, who uses X42 to autotune his vocals inside ardour, in a Linux взято отсюда. The video is set to start when the audio examples play.

Don’t let this being low on our list fool you. The only reason we included it lower is because autotune ableton live 9 suite free download it’s lack of compatibility for any other DAW than Ableton When using BeatLabs AutoTune we were pretty shocked at how good it was for free. It’s fantastic at applying that T-Pain, Hip Hop style effect a lot of producers and rappers look for these days.

However, it’s not too great at being subtle. The one drawback of using this is, it might be a bit too basic if you’re looking for something to have full control over. BeatLab’s autotune comes as part of a free Max4Live pack, which you can autotune ableton live 9 suite free download on Ableton’s websitebut unfortunately it’s only available for Ableton Live 11 now. So, if you’re on 10 or loweryou won’t be able to access this anymore.


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Unlike the other free autotune plugins, Voloco is also available on iOS and adds a bit more than just autotune to your audio signal in the app.